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Best open air ice rinks in Moscow

Let`s go skating!

The most central skating rink in Moscow, GUM Skating Rink on Red Square, is open till the end of February. You can catch the festive mood, work out and master figure skating not only at the city center, but also at dozens of other skating rinks in Moscow. We have collected all the most interesting sites, time and cost of skating. One, two, let’s go!

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GUM Rink


On November 30 it is an official opening of the GUM Rink, a place filled with the mood of the holiday. The program includes performances by figure skaters from the Tatiana Navka show. This is an ideal location for New Year’s photo shoots, family walks, meetings with friends and romantic dates. Throughout December, January and February, you will be able to enjoy the decorated square, go ice skating and plunge into the unique winter amusements. And even the chimes can be found at the GUM skating rink!

Sessions start from 9.00 till 23.30. Ice update is every hour. The cost of an adult ticket starts from 700 rubles, for children from 300 rubles, during the New Year holidays from 800 rubles. Until December 25 and after January 8, skating on weekdays from 9 till 14:30 is free. The skating rink offers skate rental and sharpening services, rental of a skater’s assistant toy, as well as a separate VIP room.

Tickets for the New Year’s Eve session will go on sale from December 15, the cost is 12024 rubles.

Ice rink “Flight in time” at VDNH


The ice rink is located on the Industrial Square next to the Vostok launch vehicle. The theme of the season is “Flight in time” — the desire to demonstrate achievements, dreams and reach the new heights. The area of the rink is 8,9 thousand square meters.

Tickets: adult 400-800 rubles, children 200-400 rubles.

Open: Weekdays (except Mondays) 11.00-15.00; 17.00-23.00; weekends 10.00-15.00; 17.00-23.00

Skating rink in Gorky Park


The main innovation of this winter is a change in the configuration and an increase in the area of the rink by more than 5,000 m. Pushkinskaya Embankment has become a part of it again, as it was decades ago. Thus, the central part of the park has turned into the largest ice rink in Moscow – more than 22,000 square meters of ice.

Tickets: adult 400-850 rubles, children from 250-400 rubles.

Open: weekdays (except Mondays) 10.00-23.00; weekends 10.00-23.00. break 15.00-17.00

Skating rink in the Hermitage Garden


The area of the skating rink with artificial ice is 900 sq.m. It is located in the ground floor of the Hermitage Garden to the right of the entrance to the garden from Uspensky Lane. Thanks to the artificial surface, the rink works in any weather, including during melting periods. It has been open since November 24th. The area of the ice rink with natural ice is 4000 sq.m. Located in the shady part, next to the playground. It will be open from December.

Tickets: 300-400 rubles.

Open: 10.00-23.00, technical break every two hours.

Ice rink in Sokolniki Park


The Ice rink is located on the Festival Square of Sokolniki Park. The area is 5,300 sq.m., there is enough space for everyone!

Tickets: from 300 rubles.

Open: 10.00-23.00, technical break every two hours.

Ice rink FM in the park on Khodynka field


The skating rink has an area of 1200 sq.m. with neon lighting and popular music is a place of attraction for shooting spectacular videos.

Tickets: from 300 rubles.

Open: Monday — Thursday 10.00-22.00, Friday — Sunday 10.00-23.00, technical break every two hours.

Skating rink “On ice” in Perovsky Park


A small skating rink in the Perovo area, with an area of 1000 sq.m.

Tickets: from 150 rubles.

Open: 10.00-21.00; technical break every two hours.

The skating rink “Silver ice” in Izmailovsky Park


This is 3,300 sq.m. of artificial ice and 8000 sq.m. of natural ice (this site is open depending on weather conditions). There is an ice rink near the main entrance to Izmailovsky Park.

Tickets: from 400 rubles.

Open: 10.00-23.00; technical break every two hours.

Skating rink in the park of the Northern River Station


On November 30 the grand opening of the skating rink will take place on the main square of the Northern River Station. On this day, all guests will enjoy a bright ice show and a performance by the legendary figure skater. Everyone will be able to visit the rink from December 1  till the end of February. The winter season at the skating rink of the Northern River Station will be held with the support of the Department of Sports of the city of Moscow, as well as the Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of the city of Moscow.

Tickets: admission is free, but online registration on the website is required

Open: 10.00-22.00; technical break every hour and a half.


The Dreamers skating rink in Luzhniki


The skating rink, with an area of 16 thousand square meters, is located on the territory of the sports complex. A stage, art objects, food courts and recreation areas have been prepared for visitors.

Tickets: 500-700 rubles for adults, 250-300 rubles for children.

Open: weekdays (except Mondays) 16.30-22.30; weekends 10.00-22.30.

The materials translated into English by Vladimir Grebnev

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