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7 places for autumn photoshoots in Moscow

Leaf fall, historical buildings and the best photos of the autumn atmosphere

After the september`s summer this year, autumn has rightfully come into its own. The city is covered by rains, winds and coolness, and with them – the brilliance of leaf fall, the beauty of architecture in the reflections of puddles and the gradient of gray tones of the sky. What is the way to enjoy this short picturesque time and really feel the Moscow autumn without fuss? Go to the park! Yes, you have no need to go to another city, and the contemplation of nature in combination with the history of the place will let you relax and be fully inspired. Don’t forget to charge your phones or even take professional photo camera, since it is obvious: everyone wants to capture the beauty of golden autumn!

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Apothecary’s garden

Prospekt Mira, 26, building 1

In 1706, here, at that time on the northern outskirts of Moscow, behind the Sukharev Tower, an apothecary’s garden for growing medicinal plants was laid by decree of Peter I. At first it belonged to the Pharmacy Order, then to the Moscow Hospital and the Medical and Surgical Academy. The plants grown here were used not only for the preparation of medicines, but also for teaching botany to medical students, future Russian doctors. Today it is an oasis in the center of the metropolis where you can enjoy the beauty and at the same time get acquainted with new plants, for example, on evening tours in tropics.

Photo Apothecary garden of Moscow State University

Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve

Andropov Avenue, 39

A unique complex where nature and architecture merged in the ensemble. The royal residence, where Vasily III, Ivan IV the Terrible, False Dmitry II, Alexey Mikhailovich, Peter the Great lived in different years. During the trip, you can visit the exposition dedicated to the construction industry in Russia, look into the house of Peter the Great – the only memorial museum of the reformer tsar in Moscow – and admire the beauty of the Church of the Ascension, included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Find the most ancient oaks of the capital (they are more than 600 years old) in a treasured oak grove. And during the visit, be sure to watch the video “600 years of Kolomenskoye history in 37 minutes!

Photo Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve

Kuskovo Estate Museum

Yunosti str., 2

The estate became widely known in the second half of the XVIII century as a summer country entertainment house of one of the richest nobles of Russia – Count Pyotr Borisovich Sheremetev. Pyotr Sheremetev became famous throughout Moscow for his hospitality, his ability to live in a big way and turn life into a continuous holiday. For more than three hundred years, the Sheremetevs owned this estate and invited the best architects to create a unique look that we can enjoy today. More than 20 unique architectural monuments have survived to this day, including a Palace, a Grotto, a Large Stone Greenhouse, an ancient church, etc. The French regular park with marble sculpture, ponds and original pavilions will be the best background for your autumn photo shoots.Photo 1fotokot

Botanical Garden

Botanical Street, 4

The Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. The decision to create it was made in 1945. The garden became a symbol of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The places of attraction of all photographers — the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden — got closed for the winter a couple of days ago. But the specificity of the garden lies in the fact that the beauty of the vegetation collected in it is smoothly replaced season by season. In general, you will be able to make an atmospheric video in any case.

Photo Vladimir Shalaev

Lefortovo Museum-Reserve

Krasnokazarmennaya str., 3

Lefortovsky Park is the first regular garden on the territory of modern Moscow. Having appeared near the German Settlement after the return of Peter I from Europe, the garden became the example and ancestor of many parks in St. Petersburg. It was first mentioned in 1703 as part of the country estate of F.A. Golovin. This palace and park ensemble was a popular venue for court ceremonies, and moscow citizens nicknamed it “Versailles on the Yauza”. There are ponds, Rastrelli grotto, povilion-rotunda in a quiet park on the quay. You will be surprised how much the park has been bypassed by Moscow innovations: no digital audio nightingales, scooter tracks and trendy coffee shops on the territory. Atmospheric retro!

Photo Walking in Moscow

Vorontsov Park

Vorontsovsky Park str., 3

There was recently a time when no one except local historians knew about this estate: the old park was untended, the buildings were in ruins. Today this place has become one of the most popular place for walking among the residents of New Cheryomushki. The former estate church of the Life-Giving Trinity and the park has been cleaned and put in order. The estate and the village around it got their name presumably from the boyar family of Vorontsov, who owned this territory in the XIV century. Under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, Prince Boris Repnin began to own these lands. The Repnins constructed buildings that define the appearance of the estate, and the forest along the banks of the ponds was turned into a landscape park. A great place to relax with the whole family — children will appreciate modern playgrounds, and parents may drink coffee with a view of the ponds.

Photo Tourist’s companion

Artists’ Village “Sokol”

Vrubel str., 8

This year the village celebrated its 100th anniversary. Despite the name, not only artists lived here, but also scientists, doctors, teachers, architects and employees of People’s commissariats. Surely, the name is due to the streets bearing the names of Surikov, Levitan, Polenov, Shishkin and Vrubel. The settlement was designed and built as a kind of experiment in the field of urban planning, and among the architects there are legendary people: Shchusev, the Vesnin brothers, Markovnikov and others. Today the village is an object of cultural heritage. And while high-rise residential complexes are being built nearby, and a high-speed road is laid only a few hundred meters away, time seems to have stopped in the village. Take your time to appreciate the atmosphere of the past near the center of the metropolis!

Photo and description Elena Krizhevskaya

The materials translated into English by Vladimir Grebnev

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